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Three Models

Krystal Everett
Salon KrySTYLE

Book With Krystal

Owner of Salon KrySTYLE and founder to the new Tender, Love, Care Program that deals with special care clients! Krystal comes with over 20 years in the beauty industry and 17 years in the human service field. Krystal specializes in haircutting, specific to curly hair and children as well as hair coloring! Krystal works well with fine/thin hair and is training to be an educator in the hair industry. 


Rotha Rosado
Nails By Mercedes

Book With Rotha

Owner of Nails By Mercedes, Rotha comes to us a with well over 5 years of experience working in the salon industry! Rotha is a self taught nail tech from New York, Moved to Boston in 2000 and went and received her proper education needed to become a licensed nail technician. Rotha works using Gel XL, Acrylic and Dip products!


April Danielson
Majestic Pineapple

Book With April

Owner of Majestic Pineapple and a specialist in decolonize Reiki. April comes to us with  us lots of knowledge in the wellness field. 

April also specializes in working with clients who have unique circumstances and is a great add to our TLC Program. 

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